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You Deserve to be able to leverage your brand to build your business



Living On A Brand means to embrace the backbone of your brand and make it work for you. I work with individuals and organizations to find clarity in their brand message, build the confidence to spread that message, and create products and services that support the brand.

You deserve to be able to leverage your brand to create opportunities. I work with organizations(for-profit & non-profit) on incorporating brand value into every aspect of business for increased growth.


A Strong brand can go a long way in making an impact.

A Weak Brand Is Forgettable

You Can Change This

Let’s face it, a strong brand is essential. It tells your story and communicates across all facets of your organization. A strong brand allows your customers & clients to know what to expect from you. Without this, it leads to confusion and less focus on what makes you or your organization unique.

By taking charge of your brand, and leveraging in properly, you are effectively taking your power back into your own hands in how to communicate the story of YOU.


Hey! I’m Kristen! Finding Solutions + Creating Wins For you = My Jam!

Why Work With Me?

Hey there, I'm Kristen! I'm a results-focused marketing & program manager with 14+ years of experience ranging from running marketing teams for non-profits to project management for manufacturing companies, and everything in between.

I take pride in being a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of generating and building relationships, managing projects, launching new programs, products, and services, and developing strong marketing and communications programs with an integrated brand strategy in mind.


Services & Offerings

Who I Work With

What I offer

Individuals on building personal brands

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Non-profit Organizations

For-profit Organizations

I offer customized one-on-one or organizationally-based programs to meet your branding needs. My goal is to uncover what is holding back the brand from being fully leveraged, whether it means implementing new structure & processes or creating new programs for engagement and outreach. Interested in learning more about working together? Send me a note. I’m work with clients on both shorter-term and longer-term projects that are hourly-rate or flat-fee based upon the needs of the project.




Me in a proverbial nutshell, and key skills that dazzle

Me In A Nutshell

I love that the photographer captured this silly moment when we were laughing about how many ticks that I might get on me from running around in the tall grass. I’m full of life, intrigue, and wonder, and I’m constantly motivated by learning and thinking about what is possible in the future. I love working on projects with clients that helps them learn more about ways that the organization can really make an impact, and in developing plans for them to do so.

Key Skills

Planning Marketing Initiatives | Project Development & Implementation | Brand Management & Engagement | Marketing Communications | Writing | Outreach | Business Development | Events Planning & Management | Community Engagement | Relationship Building | Strategic Planning & Forecasting | CRM | Email Marketing & Automation | Social Media Management | Developing Partnerships | Personal Brand Strategy | Educating Adult Learners | Branding | Public Relations | Internal Communications | External Communications | Driving Engagement | Content | Corporate Communications | Training


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