Living On A Brand
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Hey! I’m Kristen! I help women in pageantry share their story with clarity and confidence to rock their pageant brand


It was June of 2017 and I was pacing back and forth in my hotel room, going over interview practice questions outloud to myself the day before the American Women of Service inaugural pageant was to begin. My mind kept on wandering to the top questions that I was told that people get tripped up on, such as “Why Would You Make A Great Titleholder?” I was thinking, why is this so difficult for women to answer questions about their “WHY”? It dawned on me that as natural nurterers, women tend to focus on how we can help others, and aren’t as used to promoting our unique strengths and sharing our powerful stories.

I decided then and there that I wanted to give back to the world of pageantry in a really meaningful way. I realized that utilizing my background in marketing and teaching to help others share their stories and develop the confidence to show up in a big way would help pave the way for more of a focus in pageantry on building strong personal brands. By taking the reigns of building your personal brand, you get the opportunity to take charge of the narrative of your life and what you bring to the table as a pageant contestant. You have the ability to share your story and strengths with others in a way that you’re super confident in.


My mission is to enlighten, empower, and elevate women in pageantry. I want all women to feel super confident in sharing their story in an authentic way that aligns with their pageant journey. By being enlightened with insights into one’s values & strengths, being empowered with strong messaging, and elevating through a strategy to build one’s personal brand, all women can stand up and stand out in pageantry.

My Life in Pageantry

I’m currently serving as Mrs. U.S. of America 2018 and was inducted as a Lifetime Ambassador of American Women of Service earlier in 2018. I’m so honored to serve in these roles, and support Narcolepsy Awareness as my platform. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy earlier in 2018 after years of chronic, excessive daytime sleepiness. It’s important to me to help educate people on what it means to have Narcolepsy and help break the stigma surrounding it. The way it is represented in the media, in movies, on TV, etc. causes a lot of confusion for people.

If you have trouble with chronic tiredness and despite trying things such as yoga before bed, no electronics before bed, etc. and this continues to be an issue, I encourage you to check out Narcolepsy symptoms, and to talk to your doctor and ask about the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Had this conversation not come up at a routine doctor’s visit, I would have never started on the path to getting a formal diagnosis. Narcolepsy often goes undiagnosed; if this is something you feel may be affecting you, I encourage you to take action and learn more. One resource is Narcolepsy Network.